Tile Floor Cleaning Stroud

Have you ever had your tile floor cleaned in Stroud? We understand that getting your tile floor cleaned might sound like a luxury but when you think about how much it would cost to replace your tile floor, it might be the more economical way.

Tile Floor Cleaning Stroud

Enjoy cleaner, sparkling Tile Floors throughout your home

Enjoy noticeably cleaner, healthier and fresher stone or tile floor in your living room, kitchen & throughout your home.

Our deep-down, unique cleaning process will have your stone tile floor sparkling clean in no time. Our Tile floor cleaning method will leave you with visibly cleaner tile floors, whilst also improving their durability and extending their life.

Our Tile Floor Cleaning Stroud Guarantee

We are Stroud’s leading experts in Tile Floor Cleaning. Our 20 years of cleaning experience and total devotion to amazing customers like you, has made us Stroud’s favourite cleaners. Read Our Reviews and see for yourself!

If you choose AC Cleaning Services Tile Floor Cleaning Stroud to revitalise your stone or tiled floors, we guarantee to:

  • Make you have that ‘WOW’ moment when you walk in and see your refurbished stone/tile floors
  • Give you noticeably cleaner stone/tile floors
  • Extend the quality & life of your stone/tile floors
  • Lovingly move all of your furniture
  • Remove the grit and dirt which household cleaning product can not remove from your stone/tile flooring
  • Use a dryer, faster and healthier floor cleaning process to care for your stone/tile floor
  • Be Pet-Safe & Baby-Friendly by leaving your floors neutral pH
  • Contact you the following day to make sure you are totally happy

tile floor cleaning stroud

How Do We Clean Your Tiles?

  • Pre test your floors to ensure they will clean to a high standard
  • Dry vacuum your floors
  • Strip all the old sealant from your floor
  • Apply our unique cleaning product that has been formulated just for stone/tile floors
  • Agitate this using our oscillating floor machine that has been designed to get into all the nooks & crannies
  • Extract any excess cleaning product
  • Apply our neutral pH cleaner to leave the floor in a healthy state
  • Introduce air movement to rapidly dry the clean floor
  • Dry vacuum your floors again
  • Apply multi coats of our suggested sealant floor finish
  • Give you a choice of floor dressing, Matt, Satin or Gloss

Key Benefits of Tile Floor Cleaning in your home

Stay cleaner for longer

We don’t just clean the surface of your stone/tile floors, nor do we pressure wash the dirt down below the surface, only to have it reappear as the stone/tile dries. You want us to remove the dirt and unhealthy elements from your stone and that is what we do. Our floor cleaning methods mean your stone/tile floors not only GET cleaner, they STAY cleaner for longer.

Hygienically healthy

Our expert cleaners clean your stone/tile floors leaving them totally safe, with our neutral pH cleaning products that is gentle to your stone/tile floors leaving your home fresh, hygienic and healthy

Ensuring deep down clean

With over 20 years of cleaning experience, we have perfected how to thoroughly clean stone/tile floors. Our specialist machines ensure we can clean deep down, beyond the surface. The controlled vibrating motions in our machines loosen old grit and dirt embedded into your floors, whilst not attacking the floor. This is the safest way of getting the best results for you. We have also carefully chosen cleaning solutions we know and trust. We use concentrated cleaning solutions so we do not need to use gallons of soapy cleaning chemicals (which most other cleaners and Do-It-Yourself machines rely on).

Why do we stay away from gallons of soapy cleaning chemicals?

Soapy residues attract dirt like a magnet. Although soap based cleaning methods may look visibly cleaner immediately after the clean, it will cause your stone/tile to get dirty again faster than ever (much like washing your hair, the more shampoo you use the more often you have to clean it). Our method of stone/tile cleaning will help your floors keep cleaner for longer.

Have a healthy home

Many people assume that the best way to clean their stone/tile floors is through bleach or off the shelf cleaning products and gallons of water.

But, this approach has some serious drawbacks on your stone/tile floors, it can cause the floor to lift allowing mould & bacteria to breed in your home. It can also leave behind harmful chemicals and soapy, dirt-attracting residue.

We strongly recommend getting your floors professionally cleaned for a cost effective way of getting that ‘WOW’ factor back into your home.