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Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to beautifully clean carpets and know that your home is hygienically clean? Or, walk into work feeling proud to invite customers through the door? Pet hair? Gone. Stains and Discolouring? Vanished. Dust Mites? Out of your home or workplace. Instead, you’ll be greeted by wonderfully smelling, fresh carpets. CALL US NOW ON 07963 134139

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Ask About Our Carpet and Rug Stain Protection

If you would like your carpets ands rugs protected against stains, we recommend only ever using Teflon! Teflon is a protectant that we can apply onto your carpets after we have cleaned them. It makes life easier because the same magic that slides the eggs out of a frying pan can slide the spills and stains right off your carpets and rugs.

What is Teflon?
Teflon is the name of the soil and stain repellent made by Du Pont to protect your furnishings, carpets, rugs and fabrics from soil and stains.
How Does it Work?
Teflon is a topical fluorochemical finish for carpets and rugs that forms a protective shield around the fibres, making them significantly more resistant to oil and water-based stains and to dry soil.
Is Teflon toxic?
No. Teflon adds nothing to the fibres that is harmful.
Why Do I Need Carpet & Rug Protection?
Accidental spills and stains happen in the best run homes and workplaces. But if your carpets and rugs are protected by a top-quality soil and stain repellent, it’s easy to clean up spills.
Does Teflon Change The Look or Feel of a Carpet?
No. Teflon is invisible, and does not change the beauty, the colour, or the feel of the fabric. In fact, with regular vacuum and prompt attention to spills your carpets and fabrics will stay new looking for longer.

The Key Benefits of our Thorough Carpet Cleaning Method

We are so confident with our carpet and rug cleaning services that we offer an iron clad 100% guarantee. This means that if you are unhappy with our work we will re-clean the carpets or rugs we’ve cleaned for free, if you are still unhappy, we will refund the full amount. Seriously.

Remove Deep-Down Dirt
At AC Cleaning Services, we have invested in the best cleaning equipment on the market. This cleaning machine is known as a ‘Truck Mount’. It is fitted in our van, which means we don’t have to use your electricity or water, we just feed pipes into your home or workplace and start cleaning. The Truck Mount uses steam to penetrate down into the fibres of your carpet ensuring we give your home a thorough, deep-down clean. The major benefit is you don’t need your carpets cleaning as often as we have given your home an intense, first class clean.
Saves You Money In The Long Run
A lot of our competitors use shampoos to clean your carpets and rugs. Shampoos initially produce great results, however they leave a sticky residue that quickly attracts dirt again. This means you will need your carpets cleaning weeks later. For this reason, we avoid shampoos and have invested in more expensive, effective cleaning products. If you’re interested in the solutions we will be using on your carpets and rugs, please ask we’d be more than happy to tell you more!
You Don't Need To Replace Your Carpets
AC Cleaning Services have invested heavily in the latest carpet cleaning equipment so that we can clean even the toughest stained carpets. This will save you the expense of replacements removing bacteria, chemicals, dirt, dust mites, fungus, germs, grease, pet stains, pollens and pollutants giving you a clean and healthy environment.
We Put Your Family's Safety First
The most important consideration for us is your safety. That is why we use child and pet safe solutions that are not harsh on sensitive skin.
We also extract all the dirty, harmful water and dirt from your carpet and suck it into the Truck Mount machine which is fitted into our van. We then safely dispose of this AWAY from your home or workplace. This is hugely important and we could only achieve this by investing in state of the art cleaning equipment.
100% Money Back Guarantee
We are so confident with our carpet and rug cleaning services that we offer an iron clad 100% guarantee. This means that if you are unhappy with our work we will re-clean the carpets or rugs we’ve cleaned for free, if you are still unhappy, we will refund the full amount. Seriously.

Full Liability Insurance

AC Cleaning Services can give you peace of mind as we have full Liability and Treatment risk insurance to cover all your precious possessions in your home or workplace.

Our Carpet Cleaning Promises

When you invite the A.C. Cleaning team to thoroughly clean your carpets, we make some valuable promises. This is to give you peace of mind that you’ve chosen the right experts for the job.

We will arrive at your home or workplace on time.

If there are any circumstances that are out of our hands that make us late, we will give you a courtesy call to inform you.

Provide you with a quotation before we clean.
Unlike a lot of cleaning companies out there, we believe every carpet or rug should be inspected before any cleaning solutions, water or steam are applied to them. We need to know what your carpets are made of and the pH balance before we can safely say whether they should be cleaned. We can only do this by visiting your home or workplace. So, we will visit you and provide you with a full quotation.
Hold your quoted price for 6 months.
If you decide you are not quite ready to have your carpets and rug cleaned, we will honour the price we quoted for 6 months. Even if the cleaning solutions we buy increase in price, or it is our busiest month for cleaning – we will ensure you pay the price we promised.
Contact you after we have cleaned your carpets.
We want to make sure you are 100% happy with our cleaning services. ? So, if you have any concerns let us know. We are here to make your home or workplace perfect for you.
Honour our 100% money back guarantee.
If you are unhappy with any of our cleaning, we will re-visit for free and re-clean your carpets and rugs. If you are still unhappy we will give you your money back.

Customer Testimonials

Carpet Cleaning Testimonials

I wouldn’t use anyone else for Carpet Cleaning. Always a 10/10 service. great results. thanks!

Tim, Wiltshire

Carpets Feel New. I am so pleased, I’ve already told my Mother and in laws about your wonderful cleaning service – expect their call!

Sarah, Gloucester

Thank you, my carpets look GREAT. Wow! What a Professional Company. Thank you so very much Robert for such amazing results. The carpets LOOK LIKE NEW! Your reliable and sunny disposition, your efficiency and willingness to please ” the client”. Shall certainly use you again and definitely recommend you to all my friends and clients. Price wise too you were tops. Not much more I can say!
Val, Cirencester


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